Customer's Show Room

Customer's Show Room

The Sound of Ethernet

IanCanada DDC/Streamer integration with Gustard R26, Roon and HQPlayer


Raspberry pi audio streamer finished

Palani Acoustic - The DiY High-End DAC Streamer Rev5


The Pursuit of Happiness, ft. Gr research, Ian Canada

GR research nx otica and stereo triple servo subs
Hqplayer, dsd512 upsampling Asdm7ec-super 512fs & Sinc-medium filter
Audiolinux server
Audiolinux raspberry pi 5
Ian Canada streamer dac build
Schitt freya plus preamp capacitor upgrade vcap odam
Jbl synthesis s7165 amplifier, modified
Ps audio powerplant p5
Dedicated audio star ground
Cisco switches and server + pi all clocked with GPSDO OCXO NTP clock


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