#23D. ShieldPiPro MkIII has just been released

#23D. ShieldPiPro MkIII has just been released

ShieldPi Pro MkIII is not only a powerful Raspberry Pi EMI shield HAT, but also:

  • A high-performance power supply cleaner/filter
  • Raspberry safe ON/OFF button
  • A GPIO extender/multiplier
  • An ultra-low noise 3.3V power supply
  • An IR-remote control Receiver
  • Power a RaspberryPi from GPIO
  • Power ON/OFF indication and signal

ShieldPi Pro is suitable to all RespberryPi applications to reduce EMI noise and improve power supply performance. Improvement can be made right away by just installing it into GPIO connector of a RaspberryPi.


ShieldPi Pro MkIII new upgrades over MkII

    • Built-in ultra-low noise 3.3V/500mA power supply, capable of powering FifoPi, DAC or other devices without using additional 3.3V power supply
    • Optical receiver makes IR remote controller working for RaspberryPi 
    • 5V input/output connector can power a RaspberryPi directly from GPIO with bypassing the USB power input.
    • Optimized PCB layout

Typical Applications

Upgrade the high performance Audiophonics I-Sabre ES9038Q2M DAC


Improve the TransportPi Digi/II network streamer transport


Upgrade a standard RaspberryPi DAC


Upgrade a basic RaspberryPi DAC or digi streamer transport


Run a FifoPiQ7or FifoPi MA directly without using an additional 3.3V power supply


Run a IanCanada ESS DAC directly without using an additional 3.3V power supply


ShieldPi Pro MkIII works with Raspberry Pi that is equipped with a heatsink


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