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ShieldPi Pro multi-functional EMI shield/power supply cleaner

ShieldPi Pro multi-functional EMI shield/power supply cleaner

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ShieldPi Pro is not only a universal Raspberry Pi EMI shield HAT, but also a high-performance power supply cleaner, an ON/OFF control button and a GPIO extender/multiplier. IR-remote control function can also be implemented when working together with a MonitorPi.
ShieldPi Pro is suitable to all RespberryPi applications to reduce both EMI noise and power supply noise. Improvement can be made right away by just installing it into the system.

Highlighted Features and Specifications

  • Zero current single-point grounding shield plate to eliminate EMI noise of the Raspberry Pi
  • Ultra-low ESR wide bandwidth 5V power supply filtering networks cover the frequency range up to GHz
    ESR: 2mΩ@200KHz, 0.3mΩ/@2Mhz, 1mΩ@20MHz, 4mΩ/@200MHz
  • Full 40 pins GPIO extender
  • Full 40 pins GPIO multiplier (AUX GPIO)
  • Has a Raspberry Pi GPIO power ON/OFF button and a connector to external power button
  • Has an optional power on indication LED and a power on/off control signal output
  • Can implement Raspberry Pi’s IR-remote control function when working with a MonitorPi
  • Reduce both EMI noise and power supply noise
  • Improve Raspberry Pi application’s performance to a higher level
  • DIY friendly and plug and play

ShieldPi Pro MkII new features
Full size shield HAT that can cover the whole Raspberry Pi PCB area
Better EMI suspension performance will be expected
High profile GPIO connector makes it possible to work with RPi that is equipped with a heatsink
ON/OFF button moved to the front edge of PCB to make it easier to operate

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