#3. IsolatoraPi III has just been released

#3. IsolatoraPi III has just been released

IsolatorPi III is an upgrade version over IsolatorPi II. It uses a 5KV higher grade isolator chip and a real physical isolation gap to improve isolation performance. Some IsolatorPi II un-useful functions and circuits were also removed to optimize the PCB layout for more improvements. 

IsolatorPi III is a great solution to upgrade TransportPi Digi, FifoPiMa and ESS DACs, as well as many other RPi audio HATs with high performance isolator. 

Typical applications

1: Upgrade a TransportPiDigi with an IsolatorPi III

2. Upgrade A FifoPiMa application with an Isolator

3. Upgrade an Ian ESS DAC with an Isolator

4. Remote isolated I2S/DSD over HDMI network streamer project

5. Upgrade an Audiophoincs I-Sabre ESS DAC with an isolator and battery power supply

6. Install a DoP decoder to the IsolatorPi III to enable the native DSD over GPIO


IsolatorPi II will be discontinued.


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