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#3. IsolatorPi III RsapberryPi I2S/DSD/DoP isolator

#3. IsolatorPi III RsapberryPi I2S/DSD/DoP isolator

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IsolatorPi III is a HAT board that provides galvanic isolation for I2S/DSD/DoP signals, I2C bus, some GPIO pins and power between the RaspberryPi and the digital audio boards. It prevents transmission of RaspberryPi’s EMI noise via ground and signal connections over GPIO.

IsolatorPi III is an upgrade version over IsolatorPi II. It uses a 5KV higher grade isolator chip and a real physical isolation gap to improve isolation performance. Some IsolatorPi II un-useful functions and circuits were also removed to optimize the PCB layout for better isolation.

Preventing that noise from getting into your audio boards allows them to work better. AND with lower noise on the ground, when you introduce better power supplies and lower jitter clocks for your audio cards, the positive effects will be enhanced.

Features and Specifications

  • 150MHz 5KV high performance digital isolator, 768KHz I2S and DSD512 capable.
  • Physical PCB gap slot to ensure the best possible isolation space.
  • Bi-directional architecture works with audio cards in both slave clock and master clock modes.
  • Ready for native DSD output using companion DoP decoder in on-board socket. 
  • Isolated I2C bus for audio card configuration and control.
  • Has an additional 40Pin non-isolated GPIO connector. With which, we can connect the possible MonitorPi/Pro, ESS DAC controller, IR receiver, the rotary encoder and many others to RPi. The good thing is that all of those devices will become 100% isolated from audio devices on top of the IsolaorPi III. DSD signals will also be applied to this non-isolated GPIO when the DoP decoder daughter board is installed.
  • Needs no device driver and/or overlay. Works in transparent mode.
  • Suitable for most Raspberry Pi audio cards such as DAC HATs, S/PDIF Adapter HATs, I2S Re-clocker HATs and many other RPi HiFi applications.
  • Supports 502DAC Pro, Hifiberry Digi Pro +, and all other WM8804 based applications in master clock mode;
  • Great to Upgrade a TransportPiDigi, a FifoPiMa or an ESS DAC running at non-sync mode.

User's manual

Typical applications

1: Upgrade a TransportPiDigi with an IsolatorPi III

2. Upgrade A FifoPiMa application with an Isolator

3. Upgrade an Ian ESS DAC with an Isolator

4. Remote isolated I2S/DSD over HDMI network streamer project

5. Upgrade an Audiophoincs I-Sabre ESS DAC with an isolator and battery power supply

6. Install a DoP decoder to the IsolatorPi III to enable the native DSD over GPIO


IsolatorPi II has been discontinued, old user's manual


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