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#1. McFIFO multi-channel I2S/DSD FIFO with built-in isolator

#1. McFIFO multi-channel I2S/DSD FIFO with built-in isolator

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The digital audio stream consists of two parts: the data and the clock. Usually we don’t have any problems with data. However, the clock is not perfect (there are no ideal clocks in the real world); it comes with jitter (or phase noise). Jitter is the main reason why different digital audio sources sound different even when they are played from the same audio stream.
McFIFO is an asynchronous multi-channel I2S/DSD FIFO. It is a kind of logic device which can buffer the digital audio stream, allowing the audio data to pass through while isolating the original clock and replacing it with a new secondary clock. If the new clock has less phase noise than the old one, the digital audio stream after the McFIFO will have less jitter and that will make the DAC or other digital audio device playing the stream sound better. Moreover, the sound quality of the playback will be independent from the digital audio source.
This McFIFO II KIT is based on the third generation of Ian FIFO technology. So, together with good low jitter audio clocks, it is firmly believed to be one of the most effective solutions to improve sound quality of digital audio applications such as home theatre, digital crossover, multi-DAC system and stereo I2S/DSD DAC.

Features and Specifications

  • 256Mb buffer memory.
  • Audio MCLK up to 98.3040 MHz.
  • Multi-channel I2S support from 44.1KHz/16bit to 384 KHz/32bit; Multi-channel DSD support from DSD64 to DSD512. Automatically detecting I2S/DSD.
  • Seven data signals for I2S and eight data signals for DSD. Capable for 14 channels when play I2S and 8 channels when play DSD.
  • Built in multi-channel digital isolator.
  • Adjustable McFIFO delay time. Can be set to 0.1, 0.2, 0.4 and 0.8 second by setting jumpers, or continue adjustment by external control panel. Delay time keeps the same for different Fs.
  • Has both master and slave clock control mode, slave MCLK is available to be fed back to digital sources such as USB streamer, S/PDIF receiver, RaspberryPi and BeagleBone Black.
  • Support optional external display/control panel. It can be an open source Arduino based project.
  • Isolated DSD detecting signal.
  • Optional I2C isolator for DAC control.
  • Works with McDualXO clock board, third party clock board or DAC local XOs.

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