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#17A. HDMIpi MkII I2S/DSD/DoP over HDMI transmitter

#17A. HDMIpi MkII I2S/DSD/DoP over HDMI transmitter

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Highlighted Features and Specifications

  1. Converts PCM/DSD/DoP into balanced LVDS signals to transmit them over HDMI cable
  2. Standard PCM/DSD/DoP to HDMI signal configuration
  3. Transmits PCM signals up to 768KHz
  4. Transmits native DSD signals up to DSD1024
  5. Transmits DoP signal up to DSD256 in PCM package
  6. Works with either Raspberry Pi or as independent PCM/DSD/DoP to HDMI transmitter
  7. Digital music signals input either from GPIO or from high quality u.fl connectors
  8. Can power HDMI to PCM/DSD/DoP receiver over HDMI cable
  9. Replaceable 3.3V regulator board ready for higher quality power supply upgrade
  10. DIY friendly design
  11. New DSD enable and MUTE signals over HDMI to make it possible to control external DAC switching between PCM and DSD and eliminating any possible popping sound.
  12. Enhanced decoupling capacitor networks to improve power supply performance

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