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#17B. HdmiPi Pro II Flagship HDMI transport interface

#17B. HdmiPi Pro II Flagship HDMI transport interface

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HdmiPi Pro is a dedicated I2S/DSD over HDMI transport interface board. Compared with all other solutions, it is the first one that uses discrete 1-bit LVDS drivers to achieve the highest HDMI signal quality and lowest noise levels. And it also integrates the well-reputed 1-bit discrete secondary re-clockers (similar to a ReClockPi) to ensure the best possible low-jitter performance. HdmiPi Pro is so far the flagship HDMI transport interface board for audiophiles to improve the sound quality of an external DAC to a higher level.
HdmiPi Pro works in SYNC clock mode so it will need a FifoPiMa, FifoPiQ7 or Q3 to operate.

Highlighted Features and Specifications

  • Discrete 1-bit LVDS drives to achieve the best possible LVDS signal quality and the lowest noise levels
  • Built-in the well-reputed 1-bit discrete secondary re-clock stage
  • Enhanced high bandwidth power supply filtering networks
  • LDO free design to make it directly use the 3.3V ultracapacitor or battery power supply for the best power supply performance
  • Could be so far the best I2S/DSD over HDMI streamer transport interface
  • Optimized PCB impedance control for the high speed LVDS signals
  • 4 layers PCB design with dedicate shield layers to eliminate EMI noise
  • Metal film ultra-low noise resistors to ensure the lowest possible noise level
  • Pure sync mode works with FifoPiQ7, FifoPiMa or FifoPiQ3 or other re-clockers.
  • Capable of I2S music up to 1536KHz
  • Capable of native DSD music up to DSD1024

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