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#1B. ReClockPi low noise low jitter double reclocker

#1B. ReClockPi low noise low jitter double reclocker

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ReClockPi is a low noise low jitter double re-clock logic board. It was designed to work with FifoPi or other digital music devices in sync mode to improve the I2S/DSD signal quality to a higher possible level.
ReclockPi uses high speed discrete logic chips to solve the IR-drop issues of normal multi-bit flip-flop/counter based re-clocker, which could result in some high frequency synchronized re-clock ripples over both high and low logic levels. After upgrading a FifoPi with a ReClockPi, the I2S/DSD signal quality will be improved. The signal noise over the waveforms will be reduced and thus a lower jitter performance can be measured.
ReClockPi really makes a difference. It’s so far the best solution to upgrade a FifoPi’s performance even more. All digital audio applications that are sensitive to the I2S/DSD noise and jitter will be benefited from this ReClockPi.

Highlighted Features and Specifications

  • Discrete double re-clock logic stage works as a digital music signal conditioner
  • Low noise. The output signal noise over logic levels is much lower than the output signals from a multi-bit flip-flops/counters re-clocker.
  • Low jitter. The I2S/DSD output time jitter = MCLK jitter + additive jitter of the discrete flip-flops.
  • Independent shield layer on top of the four layers PCB to lower the EMI noise as same as a ShieldPi
  • Upgrade a FifoPi right away by just plugging on top
  • Optional half frequency MCLK output can be in lower phase noise
  • Share power supply with a FifoPi clean side by default, can be upgraded to use an independent 3.3V external ultra capacitor or battery power supply.
  • GPIO and U.FL dual I2S/DSD outputs
  • Support PCM up to 768KHz and DSD up to DSD1024
  • Reserve a window opening on PCB to work with taller XOs or XO adapters on a FifoPi

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