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#1C. FifoPiMa V1.5 Master mode Raspberry Pi I2S/DSD/DoP Re-clocker with ultra-low phase noise XOs

#1C. FifoPiMa V1.5 Master mode Raspberry Pi I2S/DSD/DoP Re-clocker with ultra-low phase noise XOs

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FifoPi Ma is an audiophile grade Raspberry Pi I2S/DSD/DoP re clocker that works in master clock mode . FifoPiMa successfully achieves an ultra low jitter and ultra low noise performance by using IanCanada's well reputed 1 bit multistage discrete re clock technology . The output signal quality of the FifoPiMa is almost the perfect . It work s great for Paspberry Pi streamer transports ,SYNC mode DACs, external DACs and many other digital audio applications to improv e the sound quality. As a less expensive alternative solution , FifoPi Ma is compatible with FifoPi Q7 in both physical dimensions and electronic connections.

Features and Specifications

  • Master clock mode
  • Support I2S up to 384KHz
  • Support DSD output from DSD64 to DSD 128
  • On board DoP decoder enables Raspberry Pi native DSD playback over GPIO
  • Two user replaceable socket mounted clocks (XOs or OCXOs, with/without OE pin) support frequencies 22.5792/24.5760 and 45.1584/49.1520 MHz for both 44.1KHz and 48KHz family di gital music. FifoPiMa also works with SinePi to use external high quality sine clocks
  • Includes t wo re clock stages to achieve lowest possible jitter performance.
  • 1 bit discrete re clock technolog y to ensure so far the best ultra low noise performance as t he same as a ReClockPi. The final I2S/DSD signal quality is almost perfect in terms of the signal integrity.
  • Zero delay time
  • Two separate DC inputs to provide both clean power to the FiFoPiMa and the optional Raspberry Pi power via GPIO.
  • 3.3V ultracapacito r and LifePO4 battery power supplies can be used directly for the FifoPiMa
  • Optimized decoupling networks to improve power supply performance more
  • AUX GPIO connector is designed to install DAC controllers, MonitorPi or other RPi accessories without affecting the output signal quality.
  • Has three o utput groups: U.FL connectors, GPIO and the AUX GPIO . They are all independent from each other.
  • To achieve the best possible low jitter performance , high quality U.FL coaxial cable connector s are designed for MCLK and other I2S/DSD outputs in order to runs DACs, digital interface transports in a more professional way.
  • Also provides Mute and DSD EN control signals for the following DACs and transport streamers.
  • MCLK jitter = square ( XO jitter^2 + 18fs^2) @(12kHz 20MHz)
  • I2S/DSD signals jitter = square ( XO jitter^2 + 18fs^2 + flip flop additive jitter^2) @(12kHz 20MHz)
  • With DoP pass through function
  • With both continuous and stop clock mode for mute state
  • Bit perfect
  • Need a standard Linux driver to operate
  • Can work with an IsolatorPi to have a galvanic isolation between Raspberry Pi
  • Has built in hardware based lossless 16bit to 32bit convertor, works with all kinds of DAC s even they don't support 44.1KHz 16bit music format
  • High performance re clock solution fit your budget.

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