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#2. McDualXO multi-channel clock board

#2. McDualXO multi-channel clock board

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The McDualXO is a multi-channel multi-frequency clock board which was designed especially for McFIFO to improve sound quality by utilizing ultra-low jitter technologies. It comes with automatic Fs switching, dedicated low jitter fan-out buffers, ultra-low noise LDO and ultra-high speed re-clocking. Multi-layers PCB design, enhanced power supply design, impedance controlled traces and many other improvements work together to ensure outputting highest quality digital audio clocks and signals.

Features and Specifications

  • Has 4 MCLK, 4 SCK, 4 LRCL/D1, 2 SD/D2 and each of D3-D8 signals output, so McDualXO can drive up to 4 mono block/independent DACs at same time.
  • 14 channels for I2S or 8 channels for DSD.
  • All outputs are in U.FL coaxial cable connectors/sockets to optimize for signal integrity.
  • Has 3 dedicated and upgradeable ultra-low noise LDOs for XO, clock fan-out buffer and re-clocking. The 0.9uV RMS, 90dB PSRR, 600mA on-board ADM7154 is especially optimized for OCXO.
  • XO frequency range from 11.2896MHz to 98.3040MHz.
  • XOs with different frequency range can work together at same time.
  • XO can be plugged into any socket without limitation.
  • MCLK * Fs range: 128*Fs, 256*Fs, 512*Fs, 1024*Fs, 2048*Fs, 4096*Fs.
  • Anti-vibration grommet suspension mechanism design for low jitter applications.
  • Can be stacked on top of McFIFO.

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