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#27A. UcMateConditioner 5V KIT (for LifePO4 MkIII,II)

#27A. UcMateConditioner 5V KIT (for LifePO4 MkIII,II)

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UcMateConditioner 5V is an ultra capacitor conditioner board that was specially designed for LifePO4 MkII or MkIII power supply. UcMateConditioner will significantly improve the DC 5V power supply quality by reducing both internal ESR and the noise levels, as well as increasing the stability and the maximal deliver current.
For audiophiles, upgrading the LifePO4 power supply with UcMateConditioner could be a one of the best solution to achieve better sound quality.

Highlighted Features and Specifications

  1. Fully ultra low resistance MOS FET architecture.
  2. Built-in automatic per-charge/charge circuits with current limitation.
  3. Enable/disable conditioning is performed by monitoring ultra capacitors and DC input status.
  4. All logics are running automatically at background by following ON/OFF control signal from LifePO4 power supply.
  5. On-board active balancers for ultra capacitor protection.
  6. LED indications for power on, ultra capacitor full and conditioning.
  7. Double thickness 2oz PCB copper layers especially designed for high current and ultra low ESR applications.
  8. MOS FETs are controlled by optical isolators to eliminate any possible leakage current.
  9. Can be mounted directly to the UcAdapter PCB and then whole assembly on top of LifePO4 power supply.
  10. Output is 100% following the input without any delay.
  11. DIY friendly, plug and play, very easy to use, no software is required.

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