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#30A. ConditionerPi Raspberry Pi Power Supply super capacitor filter Board

#30A. ConditionerPi Raspberry Pi Power Supply super capacitor filter Board

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ConditionerPi is a HAT compatible ultra capacitor conditioner board that works for RaspberryPi. ConditionerPi can be installed directly into the local GPIO connector on top of a RaspberryPi between the rests of HATs. ConditionerPi will significantly improve the Raspberry Pi power supply quality by reducing internal ESR, the noise levels and the stability.
For audiophiles, upgrading Raspberry Pi based audio application with ConditionerPi could be a one of the most efficient solution to achieve better sound quality right away.

Highlighted Features and Specifications

  1. Seamlessly integrate with Raspberry Pi as local 5V power supply conditioner to upgrade all kinds of audio or other applications.
  2. Built-in ultra capacitor per-charge/charge circuits with current limitation.
  3. On-board RPi power ON/OFF control switch. This switch can also be extended as external ON/OFF switch.
  4. Remote ON/OFF control input (isolated) and output signals make it possible to integrate with multi-power supply system or perform remote on/off control.
  5. Power supply can be connected to ConditionerPi through either USB-C connector or the 5.5mm DC input connector.
  6. Conditioned 5V output feeds Raspberry Pi through local GPIO directly (preferred) or a USB-C cable.
  7. On-board active balancers for ultra capacitor protection.
  8. Full set of LED indications for power input, power on, conditioning, power good and ultra capacitor full.
  9. Double thickness 2oz PCB copper layers especially designed for high current and ultra low ESR applications to achieve lowest possible ground noise floor.
  10. Full ultra low resistance MOS FET architecture.
  11. MOS FETs are controlled by optical isolators to eliminate any possible leakage current.
  12. Can have additional low noise 3.3V output by installing an ultra-low noise 3.3V LDO board (supplied separately or from third party) to the reserved position on the ConditionerPi PCB.
  13. With external ultra capacitor connector makes it flexible for evaluation and possible upgrading.
  14. DIY friendly, plug and play, no software is required.

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Ultracapacitors are not installed by default.




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