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#31A. BridgePi USB streamer adapter

#31A. BridgePi USB streamer adapter

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BridgePi is a HAT size adapter board that can bridge a USB streamer into a RaspberryPi stack through GPIO.
BridgePi opens a new window for RaspberryPi HATs, such as DACs, TransportPi, FifoPi and many others to make it possible for them to work with higher performance USB streamers. Native DSD up to DSD512 and PCM 768KHz or higher, HQPlayer, Roon up-sampling and so on are all possible to use.

Highlighted Features and Specifications

  1. Native DSD can be enabled when work with a RaspberryPi.
  2. Can also work without a RaspberryPi.
  3. Works with Amanero Combo384 or other compatible size USB streamers.
  4. Up to PCM 768 KHz and DSD512 (limited by the USB streamers)
  5. Low profile connector makes the USB streamer fitting the Raspberry HAT stack.
  6. Has high quality MCLK output in u.fl coaxial cable connector.
  7. Has DSD_EN and MUTE outputs possible to work with the pure DSD DAC.
  8. BridgePi itself doesn’t need a power supply
  9. Very easy to use. No additional software is required.
  10. DIY friendly, many options for different applications.

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