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#35A StationPi Free

#35A StationPi Free

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StationPi adapter PCB KIT was designed for RaspberryPi based audio applications to make them integrated better with RaspberryPi or other digital music sources. It can optimize the DIY DAC or digital transport to be more closed to a final product. The whole performance can also be improved as a consequence of the lower EMI noise.
Highlighted Features

  1. Two stacks configuration.
  2. Independent power supplies directly to the GPIO of each stack.
  3. Double ground plates to shield the RaspberryPi EMI noise.
  4. Much easier to mount the whole setup into a case.
  5. Audio HATs can be installed in two different originations to fit the case.
  6. Comes with a full set of connectors and screws and standoffs.
  7. Great to build DAC or digital transport projects.

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1. This free item is for GB2023 only

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