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#3A. ESS controller

#3A. ESS controller

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Ian’s ESS controller is the first smart universal ESS DAC driver board that can be installed into standard Raspberry Pi GPIO port. Equipped with powerful STM32 ARM Cortex processer, this tiny controller provides almost all kind of possible functions to run an ESS DAC, such as display, control, setting, monitoring, communicating and many more. It could be so far the best solution to integrate ESS DAC together with Raspberry Pi.

Highlighted Features and Specifications

  1. Support ESS9018K2M, ES9028Q2M, and ES9038Q2M DAC in both stereo and dual mono configuration.
  2. Up to 768KHz 16/24/32 bit PCM and native DSD1024 support.
  3. Built-in OLED GUI for volume control and register settings.
  4. Can work in isolated mode to eliminate noise.
  5. Operate with knob encoder, Apple remote control or Web UI (for volume control).
  6. True SYNC mode of ESS DAC is supported.
  7. Real time music signal monitoring.
  8. Real time DPLL status monitoring.
  9. Analyzer mode designed for digital music signal measurement when no ESS DAC is attached.
  10. Mute I2C while music is playing.
  11. Fixable design, can be installed either into GPIO or at front panel through an adapter
  12. Possible to work with external ESS DAC.
  13. Small size PCB with GPIO connector very easy to use with Raspberry Pi audio applications.

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