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UcBalancer protection board KIT

UcBalancer protection board KIT

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UcBalancer is a specially designed professional ultracapacitor protection board to make 3000F+ ultracapacitors work perfectly with UcPure or other high performance power supply.
With high level design and engineering quality, UcBalancer makes it possible for DIYer to build the world's best ultra-low noise and ultra-low ESR power supplies.
UcBalancer KIT comes with a full set of accessories, it really makes things much easier to set up top level power supply projects for clocks, streamers or DACs.

Specifications and Highlighted Features

  • Advanced 1A high constant current precision protection scheme
  • Options for both 2.7V(default) and 3V protection/balance configuration
  • Power MOSFET shunt circuit with PTC fuses for a double protection
  • Has two direct ultracapacitor output connectors to get the best possible low ESR performance in continuous output mode rather than indirectly from a UcPure
  • Comes with full set of accessories for a safe and easy installation
  • Double thickness heavy copper PCB design makes it has the lowest possible internal ESR compared to all other power supplies
  • Fully assembled KIT so there is no need for any soldering jobs during installation
  • DIY friendly

User's manual



1. Please cut the pins of J1 shorter by a side cuter if they are too long to avoid short circuit to the big ultracapacitors.

2. Upgraded M12 Self-locking nuts will be supplied.

3. Plastic nuts can degrade the low ESR performance, please don't use.

4. For safety reason, highly recommend the M12 nut protection isolation cap covers (sold separately) on each M12 metal nuts.

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