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#47A. UcPi Universal Ultracapacitor RPi Power Supply with ultracapacitors pre-installed

#47A. UcPi Universal Ultracapacitor RPi Power Supply with ultracapacitors pre-installed

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UcPi is a high performance low cost 5V universal Raspberry Pi ultracapacitor power supply. It was specially designed for all Raspberry Pi audio applications to achieve better sound quality by improving the power supply quality . UcPi uses spring contacts to power to the RPi GPIO directly from the bottom side of the PCB, so the installati on will be very easy. UcPi can also be used as a seat base of an audio project with anti vibration spike feet and the possible rubber ring suspensions. Any existing RPi audio project s can be upgraded by the UcPi right away by just simply installing the HAT stack on top of it. UcPi will be in fully
finished with ultracapacitors pre installed as shipped.

Features and Specifications

  • 5V ultracapacitor power supply with two 100F/2.7V ultracapacitors pre installed. ESR less than 10mOhm
  • Very well designed gold plated spring contacts to power a Raspberry Pi directly to GPIO from the bottom side of PCB without any additional connections
  • Works as a seat base of the whole project. Anti vibration spike feet can be installed. And the rubber ring suspensions are also possible to be installed
  • Uses a standard 5V/ 2.5A or higher current USB C power supply as input.
  • On board power ON/OFF control switch. This switch can also be extended as an external ON/OFF switch.
  • Optical isolator controlled ultra low ESR MOSFETs are used to eliminate any possible leakage current and ripple voltage
  • Built in active balancers for ultracapacitor protection.
  • Low cost but no compromise on performance
  • Fully finished with all ultracapacitors pre installed
  • Upgrade any existing Raspberry Pi audio project s right away by just simply installing them on top of the
  • UcPi
  • DIY friendly.

User's manual


Note:  The default standoffs are the 7mm M2.5. But have to use the 6mm M2.5 standoffs if working with RaspberryPi5. 

High quality spike feet are available here

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