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#49B. MonitorPi Pro Integrated control center and signal analyzer

#49B. MonitorPi Pro Integrated control center and signal analyzer

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MonitorPi Pro is a powerful integrated control center and universal OLED display panel that works for all kinds of Raspberry Pi audio applications. To install a MonitorPi Pro, all you need to do is just simply plug it into the GPIO port. It has never been that easy to add a high-performance display/controller to an RPi audio system until MonitorPi Pro was developed.
Benefiting from the unique built-in high speed signal analyzer, MonitorPi Pro detects the digital audio format and the I2S/DSD signal status in real time and shows the true music information on the OLED screen.
MonitorPi Pro is a big step forward upgrade from the MonitorPi with a lot of new additional features. As an integrated controller, it works like a bridge that can link a lot of different boards together for a well accomplished system. MonitorPi Pro can also support RaspberryPi free applications.

Features and Specifications

  • Built-in high speed real-time digital analyzer monitors the true digital music signals up to 128MHz
  • Music format display range up to PCM1536KHz and DSD1024
  • 1.54” replaceable PMOLED screen
  • Integrates a DDC controller that can control ReceiverPiPro II, ReceiverPi DDC and even StationPiPro to build a fully functional DDC streamer or DAC
  • Integrates a UcPure MkII SYNC charging controller and will support PurePi II for this function
  • Integrates a built-in ESS controller that can auto-detect and control Ian ESS DACs, as well as Audiophonics ESS DAC
  • Integrates FifoPi Q7 Controller
  • Support Apple IR remote
  • Control knob pre-installed
  • Adjustable Brightness
  • Configurable screen saver function
  • Stop OLED display power during dim
  • Software free architecture no need any additional Linux driver.
  • Can be an external display screen when working with a universal GPIO extension KIT
  • Works with any Raspberry Pi audio applications as long as they use GPIO port
  • Would be a great help to debug an audio system by inspecting the real music signals
  • Save all the settings automatically into Internal flash memory.
  • DIY friendly and easy to install. Plug and play.
  • Compact size

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