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#6A. I/V STD MkII standard OPA I/V stage

#6A. I/V STD MkII standard OPA I/V stage

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Highlighted Features

  1. Standard three-op-amplifier I/V stage.
  2. Single-ended, balanced, and headphone outputs.
  3. Connection-compatible with Ian’s ES9038Q3MPi dual mono and ES9028Q2MPi DAC HATS.
  4. Powered by external +-V power supply.
  5. DIY-friendly. 8-PIN IC socket-mounted op-amplifiers can be easily swapped for upgrades.

MkII new features

  1. High precision low TCR thin metal film SMT resistors.
  2. Decoupling capacitance increased to 2000uF for each analog voltage rails.
  3. New optional input connector makes it possible to work with other DACs or as an external I/V stage.
  4. More room to install discrete op-amplifier board

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