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#7B. Transformer I/V fully finished/assembled

#7B. Transformer I/V fully finished/assembled

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Transformer I/V works in pure passive mode without any feedback and active component. It even doesn’t need any power supply. With it, people can build a really nice sound quality DAC at low cost.
Different from traditional active I/V solutions, the Transformer I/V plays music very natural and analog and the sound signature is enjoyed by many audiophiles.

Features and Specifications
● Audiophile grade sound quality but still at low cost.
● Has both single end (RCA) and balanced (XLR) outputs. All output connectors are at the same edge of the PCB.
● Customized high performance audio transformers included/assembled 15Hz-30kHz +/-0.3dB.
● 0dB Output levels. XLR: 4V RMS; RCA 2V RMS
● Pure passive mode with zero feedback and no active component.
● No need power supply. Simplify the system configuration.
● Fully finished. Plug and play. No need any soldering job.
● Directly works with both ES9038Q2M Dual Mono and ES9028Q2M DAC HATs. Compatible and swappable with other I/V such as the OPA861. Easy to install.
● Vishay/Dale CMF55 series high precision low noise metal film I/V resistors.
● Power LED to indicate DAC working status.
● Grounding jumpers.
● Great built quality.

User's manual

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1. Grounding jumpers

Short both (default): Connect the amplifier GND with DAC GND

Open both: Isolated the amplifier GND with DAC GND. May have slight noise when music is stopped.

2. Standoffs. Needs 13mm/M2.5 standoffs and #50B GPIO spacer to mount on top of a FifoPi. 

Application Examples:

1. Audiophile grade high quality ESS DAC at low cost (PCM/DSD)

2. Flagship RaspberryPi SYNC mode ESS DAC with FIFO Re-Clocker (PCM/DSD)

3. Flagship RaspberryPi free SYNC mode ESS DAC with FIFO Re-Clocker (PCM/DSD)
(Inputs: USB, Coaxial, OPT, I2S/DSD over HDMI)

4. Flagship Full function SYNC mode ESS DAC with FIFO Re-Clocker (PCM/DSD)

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