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LifeO4 mkIII pure power supply

LifeO4 mkIII pure power supply

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Battery is a kind of passive power supply without any feedback. Comparing with active power supply such as a voltage regulator, it has much better load transient response and less noise. This LifePO4 pure battery power supply is a completed solution to provide battery based clean power voltage rails to DAC and other sensitive audio applications.

Highlighted Features and Specifications

  1. Five independent voltage rails
    Two 3.3V LifePO4 battery direct isolated voltage rails for clock and DAC section.
    Two 3.3V-13.2V battery direct isolated voltage rails for analog section and other sensitive circuits. Each of the rails can be configured as 3.3V, 6.6V, 9.9V or 13.2V separately.
    Additional 5V 2A linear LT3042 regulated DC output for digital section (non-isolated, can be enabled/disabled).
  2. Smart battery management.
  3. End charge voltage can be programmed from the OLED GUI
  4. Battery run time can also be programmed from the OLED GUI.
  5. Equipped with protections, such as over current, over charge and over discharge protection as well as relay protection.
  6. Charging voltage, current and status can be monitored and displayed at real-time.
  7. Multiple LifePO4 power supplies can be bridged together to get more voltage rails.
  8. OLED control board can be beaked from main PCB in order to move to front panel.
  9. Programmable screensaver function to protect OLED from screen burn-in.
  10. Can use either 26650 battery cells with tabs or standard 26650 battery holders.

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