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LifePO4 Mini 3.3V or 6.6V Battery Power supply

LifePO4 Mini 3.3V or 6.6V Battery Power supply

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LifePO4 Mini 3.3V or 6.6V is a low cost high performance pure battery power supply. It makes use of the 26650 LifePO4 battery cells to achieve a great power supply performance. Because it is a pure passive power supply, there will be no feedback and no active components involved when it’s t urned on. At the pure output mode, only the fully charged battery cells will be applied to the load. It’s also capable of delivering up to 240 A
dynamic current with less than 3 mOhm internal ESR (continuous output mode, two battery cells in parallel ). It could be so far the one of the best low noise and ultra high dynamic power supplies in the world. Sound quality of sensitive audio applications such as low jitter clock oscillators, DACs, FIFOs and many other circuits will be benefited from this LifePO4 Mini power supply.

Specifications and Highlighted Features

  • Pure LifePO4 power supply
  • Low cost but no compromise on performance
  • Pure output works in class A mode with battery current goes only in one direction
  • Fixed 3.3V or 6.6V output
  • Has both switched and continuous (great for clock oscillators) outputs
  • Outputs are 100% isolated from charger, input and the rest of circuit s when it is turned on at pure mode
  • Has built in on/off control switch (on board or external)
  • Has an isolated on/off control management chain that can be set up in a power supply group
  • Optical isolators are used for all internal operating logics.
  • Can use both AC and DC as input
  • Built in protection scheme to prevent battery cells from exhausted or low output voltage
  • Dynamic output current: up to 240 A (A123 ANR26650 M1B
  • Output ESR: Less than 3 mOhm (Two A123 ANR26650 M1 B battery cells in parallel
  • Ultra low output noise: Only decided by the battery cells
  • Heavy duty design for 24/7 operation

Note: For #42A LifePO4 Mini 3.3V, Please use USC-C J6 as input. Or it your want to use J2, the input range will be AC 4-5V or DC5.5-6V. Please neve go higher than that range (PCB silkscreen ranges could be wrong).

LifePO4 Mini 3.3V user's manual

LifePO4 Mini 6.6V user's manual


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