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LinearPi MkII ultra-low noise SMT linear power supply

LinearPi MkII ultra-low noise SMT linear power supply

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LinearPi MkII is a high quality audiophile grade manageable and expandable ultra low noise high current linear power supply. It could be the one of the greatest Linear power supply solution s for both digital and linear audio applications. Multiple LinearPi MkII s can be grouped into a whole power supply
system. LinearPi MkII can also be upgraded to ultra capacitor power supply by integrating with UcConditioner.

Specification s and Highlighted Features

  • 0.8uV Ultra low noise level
  • Ultra low output impedance
  • High speed high current low noise soft recovery Schottky rectifiers with option al shunt capacitors
  • Built in on/off control logic with on board or possible external on/off control switch
  • Multiple LinearPi MkII s can be grouped as a whole power supply system by making use of the built in isolated master/slave control signal chain.
  • Seamlessly integrates with UcConditioner to upgrade to an ultra capacitor power supply
  • Continuous AC input mode for best possible sound quality
  • Optional Kelvin sense input for better possible performance
  • Deal with MLCC piezoelectric effect noise
  • Double thickness 2oz PCB copper layer s for ultra lower ESR performance
  • Heavy duty fully SMT design

User's manual


External ON/OFF switch (optional)

Note: To use an external on/off switch, the on-board on/off switch must be kept at off position.

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