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SC-Pure Extremely-low Phase Noise Audio Clock

SC-Pure Extremely-low Phase Noise Audio Clock

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Note: #80A and #80B have very limited stock. Long lead time would be expected if sold out.

SC-Pure is a top-level audiophile clock made from the best selected SC-CUT crystals. To achieve the highest possible low phase noise performance, an advanced oscillator architecture has been developed. The sound quality can be significantly enhanced by replacing existing clocks with SC-Pure in DACs, DDCs, or network streamers.

  • True SC-CUT crystal.
  • A specially designed pure sine topology has been introduced to convert the ultra-high-purity sine signal into a square wave directly from the SC-CUT crystal resonator, bypassing any active components. As a result, the best possible low-phase noise performance can be achieved.
  • Extremely low close-in phase noise and phase noise floor make SC-Pure capable of challenging any high-end clocks in the world.
  • Femtosecond RMS phase jitter.
  • In standard compact size DIP14 package with 3.3V power supply voltage and LVCMOS output. Plug and play. Easy to install for all applications.
  • Featuring an OE standby function to eliminate interference from unselected frequencies, the SC-CUT crystal can still operate in low-power mode without disrupting the break-in process.
  • Operating the standard 83ºC OCXO crystal at room temperature, the frequency will be approximately 20ppm lower than the rated frequency, which is the natural characteristic of the SC-CUT crystals.
  • Dual shield cans are located on both the top and bottom sides of the PCB for the best possible EMI noise suppression.
  • A 3.3V ultra-capacitor or a LiFePO4 battery power supply can be used directly to optimize the performance. Also has a LED power indicator.
  • One-year limited warranty and lifetime service.

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