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SinePi external sine clock adapter for FifoPi

SinePi external sine clock adapter for FifoPi

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SinePi is a dual input low jitter sine to square wave converter board to adapt external high performance sine clock oscillators with FifoPi. It uses a specially designed architecture and topology to achieve best possible signal integrity and ultra-low additive jitter performance. A unified sine to square converter was implemented to eliminate the interference between two active converters. It also performs full signal isolation between SinePi and the unselected input channel to reduce both common mode and differential mode RF crosstalk.
With the optimized mechanical mounting scheme, SinePi can be firmly installed on top of a FifoPi.

Highlighted Features and Specifications

  • One piece PCB architecture with full 8 pins connecting to the FifoPi XO sockets
  • Unified sine to square converter to achieve best possible low jitter performance and signal quality
  • Support both full sine mode with two external sine inputs and half sine mode with one local clock and one external sine input
  • Flawlessly works with FifoPi Q1, Q2 and Q3
  • Can disconnect both clock signal and ground from the unselected input channel by the on-board relay for a best possible clock isolation
  • Enhanced NP0 and organic polymer capacitor power supply decoupling networks to ensure lowest possible power supply noise even under the mechanical vibration by addressing the piezoelectric effect
  • Right angle SMA RF input connectors for a better system integration
  • Metal film 0.1% tolerance resistors for the best possible low noise performance
  • RF optimized four layers double side mounted PCB design to reduce ground impedance of the RF returning path and to control the matching impedance of the signal routes. The two additional inner ground plates can also provide a better shield for components between top and bottom side of the SinePi PCB
  • Three specially designed standoff mounting holes for more reliable mechanical supports
  • Input clock amplitude range: 0.5V - 5V Vpp (with 50 ohm termination)
  • Input clock frequency range: 1-150MHz (sine or square wave)

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