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#19D. ReceiverPi DDC

#19D. ReceiverPi DDC

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ReceiverPi DDC is a smart designed high quality full-input digital music receiver board. It could be one of the greatest solutions to build full function compact size network streamer, DDC or DAC projects.
ReceiverPi DDC works either with or without a RaspberryPi. A MonitorPro can also be used as a control center.
With a ReceiverPi DDC, it would be very flexible to integrate with FifoPi, Amanero USB, TransportPi/AES, HdmiPi/Pro, ES9038Q2M Dual Mono DAC and many other boards for well finished audiophile grade audio systems.
ReceiverPi DDC equivalent to a ReceiverPi Pro plus a BridgePi and more.

Highlighted Features and Specifications

  • Full range of inputs: USB, RCA, OPT, I2S over HDMI and Raspberry Pi
  • Capable of 768KHz PCM/DoP or native DSD 1024 for USB and I2S over HDMI inputs
  • Up to 192KHz PCM/DoP for S/PDIF inputs
  • Works at either RPi free mode or with a RPi
  • All connectors are placed at the side edge of the PCB to make the configuration more organized
  • A MonitorPiPro can be used as a control center
  • USB adapter (Amanero or compatible) can be installed at either bottom side for RPi free applications or at top side when works with a RPi
  • Manage music sources and clocks by advanced FPGA/SoC logic
  • Generate standard 48KHz dummy signals for S/PDIF inputs when not unlocked
  • Can be installed on to a PurePi as one of the good power supply solutions
  • Great and flexible to build full function DDC or DAC projects
  • DIY friendly and plug and play. No need for any software driver

Optional USB interface: Amanero Combo384 is highly recommended

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