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UcPure MkIII pure ultracapacitor power supplies

UcPure MkIII pure ultracapacitor power supplies

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UcPure MkIII is a pure ultracapacitor power supply. It makes use of the 3000F or higher c apacitance ultracapacitor pack to achieve an ultimate power supply performance. Because it is a pure passive power supply, there will be no feedback a nd no active components involved when it’s turned on. At the pure output m ode, only the pre charged ultra capacitor pa ck will be applied to the load It’s also capable of delivering up to 1000A dynamic current with less than 0.5 8 mOhm internal ESR ( continuous output mode, decided by the 30 00F ultracapacitor s pack). It could be so far the best low noise and ultra high dynamic power supply in the real world. Sound quality of sensitive audio applications such as low jitter clock oscillators, DACs, FIFOs and m any other circuits will be benefit e d from th is UcPure MkIII power supply. UcPure MkIII can be setup for 3.3V, 5V(default) and 15V configurations.
UcPure MkIII equipped with a SYNC charging function to be able to re charge the ultracapacitors during music stops.

Specification s and Highlighted Features

  • Pure ultracapacitor power supply
  • Ultracapa citors work in class A mode which current going only in one direction.
  • Output can be configured to 3.3V , 5V ( and 15V
  • Has both switched and continuous (great for clock oscillators) outp uts
  • Outputs are 100% isolated from charger , input and other circuit when it is turned on at pure mode
  • Has built in on/off control switch (on board or external)
  • Has an isolated on/off control management chain that can be set up in a group of power supplies.
  • Optical isolators are used for all internal operating logics.
  • Can use 9V to 20V DC input for 3.3V/5V configuration and 18V 20V DC input for 15V configuration.
    AC 9V 12V input is also possible for 3.3V/5V configuration
  • Pre Charging current has 3 A (default) and 1.5A two settings to be suitable for different input power supplies.
  • Built in pr otection scheme to prevent ultracapacitor from exhausted and low output voltage
  • Dynami c output current: up to 1000A (d ecided by the ultracapacitors
  • Output ESR: Less than 0.5 8 mOhm (3.3V or 5V configuration, decided by the ultracapa citors)
  • Output noise: Decided only by the ultracapacitors
  • Heavy duty design for 24/7 operation

UcPure YouTube Video

UcPure User's manual

Holder 3D printing download


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Note: Ultracapacitors are not included. Recommended ultracapacitor P/Ns are:


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