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#5A. ES9028Q2M DAC HAT

#5A. ES9028Q2M DAC HAT

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9028Q2MPi ESS DAC HAT is an audiophile grade DAC core board for Raspberry Pi. Based on the latest ES 9028 Q2M SABRE32 reference DAC technologies, it targets the highest possible sound quality and performance for DIY audiophiles.

Highlighted Features and Specifications

  • ES90 2 8Q2M 32bit core RaspberryPi DAC HAT.
  • Supports u p to 384 KHz 16/24/32 bit PCM, native DSD 512 and DSD 128 via DoP and S/PDIF.
  • Jumper selectable Asynchronous and Synchronous clock mode.
  • 50 MHz internal asynchronous clock or external synchronous clock range from 22.5792MHz to 98 .3040MHz
  • Settings controlled by either external ESS controller or possible Linux driver.
  • To eliminate ground a nd EMI noise, ESS controller or Linux driver operates in isolated mode when used with FifoPi or IsolatorPi I/II
  • Raw balanced current output enables use of a variety of external output stage solutions, both current to voltage conversion (I/V) or voltage direct modes. Plug compatible external output board available Third party I/V stage boards can be used via adapter PCB.
  • 403 Ohm output impedance provides strong current output
  • Ready for 3.3V ultra capacitor power supply or LifePO4 battery power supply.
  • Can power AVCC, DVCC and VCCA separately .
  • Can automatically switch between PCM, DSD, DoP and S/PDIF
  • DIY friendly with many modification and upgrading opportunities

Note: This DAC needs a MonitorPiPro (recommended) or ESS controller to drive. It doesn't work without a controller because there is no suitable Linux driver so far.

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