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#20B. TransportPi Digi,Audiophile grade master mode digi transport

#20B. TransportPi Digi,Audiophile grade master mode digi transport

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TransportPi Digi is an audiophile grade high-performance low-cost master mode all-in-one Raspberry Pi interface transport. It successfully achieves an ultra-low jitter low noise signal quality by using IanCanada's well reputed 1-bit three stages discrete re-clock technology for the S/PDIF signals and two-stages multi-bits re-clockers for the I2S over HDMI signals. TransportPi Digi also has dual XOs sockets for local audio clocks to make it possible to be upgraded to even higher sound quality level by installing OCXOs or other kinds of ultra-low phase noise clocks.
As an all-in-one digi transport, it provides almost all kinds of high quality re-clocked output: RCA, OPT, HDMI and GPIO. Because of the most advanced low-jitter and low-low noise technologies it employs, TransportPiDigi could be the best sound quality compact size RPi streamer transport when working with UcPi, PurePi or other high quality power supplies.
TransportPi Digi is functionally equivalent to a I2S FIFO re-clocker plus a TransportPi

Features and Specifications

  • Four high quality outputs: re-clocked S/PDIF output in RCA (Isolated) and OPT, re-clocked I2S output over HDMI, re-clocked I2S output over GPIO
  • Low noise 1-bit discrete re-clocker for S/PDIF signals (three stages in total)
  • Two-stages multi-bits re-clocker for I2S over HDMI signals
  • 45.1584/49.1520 MHz dual low phase noise local clocks were pre-installed in the upgradeable/swappable XO sockets which are compatible with FifoPi. 22.5792 /24.5760 MHz clocks can also be used
  • Has high quality local MCLK output in U.FL coaxial cable connector
  • Can also work as an I2S FIFO re-clocker.
  • Has low noise clean 3.3V/5V power supply input which is great for directly work with the LifePO4 battery or ultracapacitor power supply. On-board LDO can also be bypassed.
  • Can also share Raspberry Pi ‘s power supply
  • Works with SinePi to take external high quality sine clocks
  • Great for compact size audiophile integrated Raspberry Pi streamer transport solution
  • Up to 192KHz
  • Four layers PCB design with two inner PCB layers as dedicated shield plates to lower the noise more
  • Enhanced power supply filtering network with more than 130 ultra-low ESR decoupling capacitors
  • No need a FifoPi to work with
  • uses standard WM8805 Linux driver
  • Low cost but no compromise on performance
  • bit-perfect and lossless
  • Diy friendly plug-and-play

Note: Jumpers on J2 of the TransportPi Digi must be removed if supply independent 3.3V to J3 without installing an IsolatorPi.

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